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ABOUT about JUNKeeeeS

With junk food that everyone loves as the theme, members with familiar forms make an outstanding performance!

A new brand that crossovers art, fashion,
and story through "personification",
a method of expression in which Japan excels..

This project is not limited to the NET Collection,
and is being produced with various media mixes in mind.

We are aiming to develop it into
manga, apparel brand, Tie-up with company, etc...

The characters who go out into the world and
the community that loves them are the heart of this project.

We are working on a series of projects that will allow
all the members of our community to share in the excitement!

Spice up your life with this punchy project!



We explained our project.
please check our super benefits.


CHARACTER Character Introductions





JUNKeeeeS デザイナー ROKU

ROKU- JUNKeeeeS Designer-


Born in 1985.
From the launch of an apparel e-commerce company, he led that company as its No. 2 for 12 years.

In 2020, he became a freelance designer-photographer-model.

Currently fully committed with the big goal of growing JUNKeeeeS into a world-class brand."

The idea for JUNKeeeeS started with a character named "Potato Head," a personification of French fries that I desperately wanted to eat while I was trying to lose weight. We have taken junk food that everyone is familiar with as a motif, and have come up with an idea that we hope everyone will enjoy and say, "Oh I didn't see that coming!" The possibilities of JUNKeeeeS are endless. In the new era of Web 3.0 that is about to begin, we will first make JUNKeeeeS known in NFT, and then construct the "FAST TOWN", the stage of JUNKeeeeS, in the metaverse. We will construct "FAST TOWN" in the metaverse where avatars can put on JUNK FOOD as a fashion item. One of our goal is to develop a chain of fast food restaurants called JUNK FOOD PARTY [J-F-P]."
In the real world, JUNKeeeeS is planning to hold a B-class gourmet food festival, producing fashion items as apparel brand, and develop its ongoing manga/comic project into an anime and video game. However, the project has just begun. Anyone can talk about dreams. This is a dream that is impossible for us to reach alone. That is why there is a thing we have decided from the beginning.
That is to involve as many people as possible. And to share the dream together.
I don't know what I can do by betting my life alone, but if I can light a fire in the hearts of those who are involved and make them want to bet their lives with me, we can definitely realize this grand project. With this belief, I work hard every day.
JUNKeeeeS デザイナー ROKU

FEATURE - What makes JUNKeeeeS special -


Characters that come to life

JUNKeeeeS are not just digital images.
They are completely different from the inorganic NFT collections automatically generated by computers.
The designer puts his heart and soul into each and every one of these characters, bringing them to life. With junk food as a motif, each character has different occupations, personalities, hobbies, and tastes, expanding the world of JUNKeeeeS. Enjoy the charm of this work of art and the world view the JUNKeeeeS create!


Maximizing returns for NFT holders

JUNKeeeeS will be issuing and selling NFTs. NFT releases will be multiple times and designed as the earlier you become a holder,
the more benefits you will enjoy, such as AirDrop rights and whitelist acquisition.
The proceeds from the sales will be used to fund the next project of JUNKeeeeS,
which aims to create a stage for the JUNKeeeeS to come to life in the form of an animated series and movie.
Those who purchase the NFT and become holders are, in a sense, investors in this project.
NFT holders will continue to benefit from the success of the project in the long term.


NFT is just a start,

and we go beyond!

The goal of JUNKeeeeS is not to succeed only as an NFT business. With the funds acquired through the NFT business, JUNKeeeeS will grow into an entity that develops character businesses, such as animated series, movies, games, holding fashion shows, and developing apparel merchandising. Moreover, its organizational form is intended to be established as a DAO in an autonomous and decentralized manner. You can also be part of the DAO! There is a variety of ways you can get involved: as a designer, storyteller, operation team member, or marketing team member. Become a part of JUNKeeeeS that is going to be world-famous, and together we'll be thrilled to grow this project!

ROAD MAP - Future Outlook -

We would like to introduce the plan of JUNKeeeeS.
Since this is a plan in the rapidly changing Web 3.0 and NFT industries,
we must be flexible to change and adapt.
Therefore, please understand that we may be forced to change your plan
depending on the situation.

Flow Overview


JUNKeeeeS NFT - Classification of NFTs -

JUNKeeeeS will be issuing three types of NFTs.
They differ in rarity, the number of issues, and features.

NFT Classification Number of issues Feature
①Original Approximately 30-50 ・Designer-drawn art NFT that brings life to the characters
・Benefits are greater than generative NFTs
・A few units will be released at irregular auctions
6,969~ ・A series of NFT products that are generated by combining carefully selected parts of the designer.
・Benefits available
・6,969 bodies were released in two installments (a third and subsequent releases are under consideration)
③Other NFTs *Released irregularly on Polygon chain Series released as gifts, etc., such as "JUNKeeeeS Clones" and "JUNKeeeeS Collaboration"
*Secondary trade is welcome.


JUNKeeeeS has prepared special offers to reward our community (Twitter, Discord) participants
and NFT holders to the maximum extent possible.

Benefits for Community Participants

To avail you must

1. Follow JUNKeeeeS official on Twitter 2. Join JUNKeeeeS Discord Server JUNKeeeeS official JUNKeeees Discord


1. Participation in whitelist distribution events and other events prior to the Generative NFT release 2. Rewards based on contribution* to the community (NFT airdrops, whitelist)

*What is the contribution to the community?

*Contribution to the community means helping to make JUNKeeeeS more exciting by working with designers to create new characters, managing the community, marketing and planning events, etc... For example ・Ideas for creating new characters for JUNKeeeeS
 →Your favorite junk food or a character that looks like you could be a new member of the JUNKeeeeS!
・Think up a storyline for an animation or game together.
 →You will surely be touched when you see JUNKeeeeS in action in the story you created!
・Learn and experience a variety of expertise in community management ・Learn and experience NFT marketing and character marketing ・Involved in the planning and management of the animation, game and film adaptations, as well as the holding of fashion shows in the Metaverse ・Involved in the process of selling JUNKeeeeS fashion items as real products
The JUNKeeeeS community offers these experiences. You can learn through these experiences, make like-minded friends, and spice up your life with positive change. We will create a place where you will find that it is the most significant benefit of JUNKeeeeS.

Benefits for NFT Holders

To avail you must

Own an NFT of JUNKeeeeS.


There are two types of JUNKeeeeS NFTs, "Original" and "Generative," each with different benefits.
(1) Benefits for Original NFT holders ・Free mint rights for new NFTs when new generative NFTs are released: 10 new generative NFTs for every 1 original NFT owned. ・Voting rights in JUNKeeeeS DAO: 10 voting rights (*) for each original NFT owned ・Special benefits and privileges in the NEXT JUNKeeeeS Project ・Other: Original NFT holders will receive VIP treatment and various additional privileges.
(2) Benefits for Generative NFT holders ・Free mint rights for new NFTs when new generative NFTs are released: 1 new generative NFT for every 1 generative NFT owned. ・Voting rights in JUNKeeeeS DAO: 1 voting right (*) will be given for every 1 general NFT owned.

What are *voting rights?

*Voting rights are the right to participate in voting held within the JUNKeeeeS DAO. (Not implemented as of now) JUNKeeeeS aims for an organizational form in which important decisions are made democratically by voting within the JUNKeeeeS DAO. For example, business policies for animation production, fashion shows, distribution of business revenues, NFT repurchase/burn volume/scheduling policies, etc. At this point, the functionality as a DAO has not yet been implemented, and we plan to shape the organization in the future.


1. Original NFT release
(irregular, multiple times)

【Number of issues:30-50】

The original NFT will be released multiple times in an auction style on an irregular basis. Those who have acquired original NFTs (including acquisition by resale) will be given preferential benefits when generative NFTs are released. (10 freemint rights in generative NFTs for each original NFT owned) We also plan to add various benefits for original NFT holders with VIP treatment.

2. Generative NFT release

【Number of units issued: 6,969~】

JUNKeeeeS official Twitter

JUNKeeeeS official


First, follow us on Twitter to get more information!!

You can get information on NFT releases,
announcements of upcoming auctions, and updates on the next JUNKeeeeS project,
such as animations, game adaptations, and fashion shows.

JUNKeeeeS DAO Discord

JUNKeeeeS official Community


Join the Discord and become a part of JUNKeeeeS!

You can be involved in the development of new characters, help run the community, or even be one of the staff that organizes a fashion show or helps turn JUNKeeeeS into animated films and games! You will also be able to learn how to build an NFT business, marketing, art, and how to make generative arts. If you contribute to the community, you will be rewarded with NFT.
Voting and discussion to determine JUNKeeeeS policy also take place here.
You can help grow JUNKeeeeS!
We look forward to seeing you there!